Fantastic teacher, the learning is fun for my son but Dale is always challenging him and keeping him engaged. He listens and then finds the spaces they can build on and then they circle back to fill in gaps. We always leave on a positive and my son wants to come back and share what he’s learned. Dale’s an amazing drummer and a great teacher, those aren’t always found together.
— Charles Stern
Dale is a great teacher for persons of all ages. He is an accomplished professional, with a broad background. He is especially good with children, and has a gift for breaking down complex rhythms into their constituent parts.
— John Wurzelman
Dale has been our son’s teacher for several years now and his instruction style is incredibly informative, yet easy-going. Our son’s drumming skills just get better and better. Our experience with Dale has been invaluable and we are so fortunate to have met him. Great teacher and a great person!
— Virginia Bethea
I’ve really been enjoying the drum lessons and have learned a great deal in the past few months. … I have been recommending you and will continue to do so. You have a great style for teaching, and again, I appreciate all the help you’ve given me.
— L.W.
In just six months our 10-year old boy has gone from complete beginner to pretty darned good on the drum kit. He even wants to play in public (which is extraordinary for such a shy child). He has a long way to go, but Dale is just the guy to take him there. In short, Dale has been good not just for our boy’s music education, but for his self-confidence and work habits.
— W.S.
Dale is an amazing music instructor. My son (9) started with him knowing zero about drums and in just a few months was able to play an entire song. I witnessed the patience and creativity that Dale displays while teaching. Truly exceptional and highly recommended.
— Wilkins Aquino
Dale has helped my son make rapid progress on drums. He provides just the right level of challenge to keep a young person interested without feeling overwhelmed. I’m very happy to have Dale as another adult helping my son grow musically and to become more mature.
— Alex Rosen
Two of our boys take lessons with Dale. Each is a very different musician. Dale is great at adjusting and challenging each of them where they are. We couldn’t ask for a better instructor!
— Teresa Bunner
We would highly recommend Dale as a drum teacher to any student willing to make an honest and serious effort to learn drumming. Our son has taken his drumming skills to a significantly higher level in the year and a half he has been drumming under Dale’s direction. This is because Dale pushes him to improve while providing the right amount of motivation and encouragement. Dale is very resourceful in teaching material and real world drumming examples. He is an extremely intelligent, highly accomplished drummer who teachers proper techniques, music theory, sight reading, improvisation, and all other essential aspects of percussion instruction. From our viewpoint, Dale is patient, caring, fun and great with kids or adults. We are very happy to have him as our son’s teacher. He provides expert instruction at a reasonable rate.
— J.H.
Dale is an amazing drum teacher. I am really happy with how much I have improved with his instruction. My favorite part of the week is going for my drum lesson. It’s a great time. I appreciate that Dale always solves all of my musical problems. I also am grateful that he accommodates my learning style. Dale teaches both kids and adults (I am an adult) and he makes our interaction very positive...I can not even imagine a better teacher. Drum lessons from Dale are better than I thought was possible. And the results that I have had are better than I had even hoped for.
— L.G.