First Steps - my first book!

So this is new.

I have created a resource that I hope will be helpful to you: the beginning drummer ; and you: the teacher.

For years I’ve dreamed of creating a foundational curriculum that could work for my beginning drum students, no matter their age.

First Steps : Five Lessons for the Beginning Drummer is that curriculum.

The curriculum is designed to be simple and straight forward. In the downloadable PDF, you will find 5 lessons that can be printed out separately to give to your students, worship team members, or use for yourself. 5 basic drum beats and 4 basic fills are written with proper notation and counting for cymbal, snare and kick. Choice of whether to play a particular cymbal pattern on the ride, hi-hat or tom is left up to the teacher and / or student to decide. Same goes for the fills - they are all written out on the snare line. Additional staff paper is provided with each lesson, to encourage the student to write out their own fill variations and to aid the teacher in articulating additional interpretations of the fills and beats.

If you are a new drum instructor just starting out, a music school needing a curriculum for all of your drum teachers to share, a worship leader developing young drummers for your praise band, a homeschool parent or coordinator needing curriculum ideas, or a self-directed learner who isn’t interested in taking lessons, this book is a great place to start.

First Steps : Five Lessons for the Beginning Drummer will teach you basic drum set beats, basic drum set fills, how to count and read drum notation. You will become more knowledgeable about drumming and your skills will improve as you practice each lesson.

Click on the image or link below for more information! And let me know what you think!