A Musician's Primary Job

Our primary job as musicians is to develop our voice - meaning our personality, vision, our view of the world. Or in other terms: our vibe, “mojo,” “grease,” groove and feel.

Music is a language. When we take lessons, watch video tutorials, jam with others, create on our own, etc, we build our vocabulary so that we can better “converse” with others when we are creating music together. We seek out instruction (and it’s important to do so) so that we can “speak” the language of music at the level we desire.

Bright Lights in Orland by Dale Baker.jpg

However it’s also important to note: your voice as a musician is affected by the personal work you do as well. Who you are - your SELF - is more important to your musicianship than how well you “speak” (your technical proficiency on your instrument) the language of music.

Take and make time to invest in your self. Go to counseling, read books on self-development and psychology. Make peace with your shadow self - you do not have to be a “tortured” artist to create good work. Learn to love others well and find joy in living your life! Your art, your music, your LIFE will be better because of it.

You matter. Your voice matters. Focus on what matters to you.

I encourage you to find your voice and learn how to articulate it at the level you desire. You do you.

Shine bright my friend!