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Larry Bunker - Jazz Time Keeping Study

After my post yesterday, I've been listening to some Bill Evans records.  The brush playing on many of those tracks is so amazing.  However, today I've been checking out the 1963 album Bill Evans at Shelley's Manne-Hole and came across this track of Larry Bunker playing with sticks (earlier in the album he's playing some great brush stuff as well):


By clicking on the link you should be taken to the part of the recording where he starts keeping time on the cymbal and adds some brilliant comping patterns with his snare and kick.  By slowing down the video to half-speed (click on the Settings tab in the You Tube menu bar directly below the video, and under Speed, change it from Normal to .5), it's easier to hear exactly what he is doing rhythmically.  

My goal at some point is to transcribe some of what he is playing, because I just love how it sounds. His feel and choices - specifically how he interacts with the rest of the musicians is pretty cool.