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Larry Bunker - Jazz Time Keeping Study

Jazz Album Recommendations

I recently had a new student ask me for my jazz album recommendations, and so without thinking too much about it, I listed the first albums that came to mind.  My student had been learning rock songs, and so I wanted to create a list that was enjoyable to listen to, full of melodies that were memorable, and featuring some of the classic players and albums that I was exposed to in college.  This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but a list that provides inspiration to hopefully learn more about jazz, and to enjoy listening to the "sound" of jazz (from a drummers perspective) - where the drums sit in the mix and specifically how the ride cymbal and hi-hats (left foot) take on a larger time keeping role compared to how the kick and snare do the bulk of the time keeping in rock music.  (I know these are over-generalizations of the role of the kick/ snare/ hat and ride, but hopefully you get the idea.)  Many of these albums feature some great brush playing as well.  

Firehouse 5 + 2 "South" 

Ella and Louis (Full Album)

Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane (Full Album)

Getz and Gilberto (Full Album)

Frank Sinatra and Jobim (Full Album)

Art Blakey Moanin' (Full Album)

And I felt that this song relates to the song "Moanin" (specifically how the drum groove feels) so I included it in the list as well:

Booker T and the MG's Green Onions

Miles Davis Kind of Blue (Full Album)

John Coltrane Giant Steps (Full Album)

Bill Evans Waltz for Debby (Full Album)

However, if you find that you are not quite ready to start listening to jazz or playing it, may I suggest Pyramid Song by Radiohead?  It has a simple jazz drum groove that starts about half-way through the song.  It's one of my favorite songs for teaching beginner students how to play jazz drums.