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Typepad Shoutout!

I was so excited to open my Typepad Newsletter (see image above) today and see that Durham Drum Lessons was a featured blog!  They mentioned my site and 2 others as examples of Typepad sites that use their new responsive Nimble Theme.  If you are a Typepad user, I can't recommend that theme enough.  I was able to update the look of my site in about an hour using their new theme - that's the quickest redesign I've ever experienced of a Typepad site!  I'm super pleased with the results I achieved and to get a mention in the Typepad Newsletter is the icing on the cake!  

Of course, my site wouldn't LOOK as good if it wasn't for the amazing design work of Mason Phillips.  Mason and I worked together last year to craft a visual vibe for my site that was a little funky and retro and captured a little bit of the look of the town where I reside.  I had a rough idea of a color scheme and logo and over the course of a few weeks, he took my rough ideas (along with a bunch of his own!) and ended up giving me the stellar look, vibe and logo that I desired!

And if you're curious what my site looks like on various devices, check out this site!