Inspiration from James Altucher
Here come the Ug-Guh-Duhs! (aka The Gadd Triplets)

Drummers ARE smarter!

There is an article floating around on the internet that is making some pretty bold claims about drummers and intelligence.  Apparently the research has been backed up by Oxford and Harvard - check out some of these quotes:

"Researchers at Stockholm's Karolinska Institutet found that drummers who kept a tighter rhythm also scored better on a 60-question intelligence test. This is a reflection of better problem solving skills, which creates a positive impact on those around them."

"A University of Washington study showed better results from participants who undertook rhythmic light and sound therapy. Additionally research from the University of Texas tested the same process on children with ADD, finding that it not only had the same effect as Ritalin, but their IQ's actually went up."

And the article ends with this great quote:  

"So there you go, drummers are not only smarter than everybody ever, but they are also at one with the earth and happier than you are. Time to take up some lessons."