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Beat Displacement w/ Paradiddles and a 5 stroke roll

I love Gary Chaffee's drum books and use them from time to time to challenge myself and introduce new concepts and ideas.  Not long ago, I came across a page in one of his books where he was talking about moving a rhythm "ahead" in a measure.  There was an entire page of paradiddles written out, along with the corresponding 5 note pattern that moved the paradiddles "forward."  As the exercise was written out to primarily illustrate the concept of moving a pattern forward, I found it easier to not focus on the actual exercise and instead think about the underlying concept and pattern involved. That pattern is this:  

R L R R     L R L L    R L R R     L R R L L

This is a 17 beat (!) phrase comprised of 3 paradiddles, followed by an inverted 5 stroke roll.  

First, practice this pattern without a metronome and be sure to accent the first note of each group.  As you get comfortable with the pattern, turn on your metronome to play a measure of 4/4 and be sure that there is an audible bell sound on beat 1 of each measure.  If you don't have a metronome to do this with, you can easily create a drum loop to play with using Garageband or some other program.   As you play this, the pattern will shift forward through the measure so that the beginning of each group will begin on the following beats:

1st time through - accents will fall on the down beats:  beats 1 2 3 4

2nd time through - accents will fall on the "e" beats:  beats 1e 2e 3e 4e

3rd time through - accents will fall on the "+" beats:   beats 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+

4th time through - accents will fall on the "uh" beats :  beats 1uh 2 uh 3uh 4uh

Now, in order to make the pattern resolve in 4 bars, you'll need to "jump" back to one at some point, and where I usually will do this is in the 4th time through, on the 2nd beat of the last group (LRRLL).  It's on that 2nd beat where the "real" one (the bell on the metronome) is.  So knowing that, you can prepare yourself on the 4th time through to resolve the pattern on that beat.

This is a fun exercise to challenge your sense of time keeping with, and to also try on the drumset (place your R on the cymbal and your L on the snare drum - additionally with each R be sure to play a kick drum).

I will be posting a video soon showing how to apply this to the snare drum and drumset.  But for now, try out the pattern, get used to playing it with a steady tempo and let me know how it goes!