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Singles and Doubles #functionaldrumming

Singles and doubles

With this next installment, I’m beginning a multi step warm-up exercise that will hopefully follow a logical progression with the intent to develop better articulation and speed when playing single and double strokes. As you play these, remember to use proper technique and stay relaxed w/ minimal tension (ideally none at all!) in your hands and arms.

Step 1: Ones (or “Singles”)

  1. First we begin with alternating our hands in a single stroke pattern - RLRLRLRLRL etc...
  2. Next we do a double stroke on just the right hand - so that the pattern becomes two 16ths (right hand) followed by an 8th single stroke (left hand).
  3. The final step is to begin with an 8th single stroke (right hand) followed by two 16ths in the left hand.

Step 2: Twos (or “Doubles”)

  1. First begin by playing two notes in each hand: RRLLRRLL etc…
  2. Next, add a single stroke between the doubles so that you end up with two 16th notes followed by an 8th. The sticking will be RLR and then LRL.
  3. Now let’s double each of the single strokes, so that you end up with four 32nd notes followed by an 8th. The sticking will be RRLLR and then LLRRL.
  4. Finally, we can use the same rhythm and substitute a different sticking pattern, let’s try: RLRRL and then LRLLR. Variations on this could be made by moving each sticking over by one note w/ the follow possibilities:
  • LRRLR and then RLLRL
  • RRLRL and then LLRLR
  • RLRLR and then LRLRL
  • LRLRR and then RLRLL

Of course further variations could be made by substituting a kick drum or hi-hat foot for one of the notes. But for the purposes of this exercise, let’s not worry about the variations for now, and just focus on the initial 3 steps outlined above. Below are some videos explaining the exercises above: