Drum Warmup Exercises
Down to the Night Club - Full Transcription

Beginning Cymbal Ostinatos

Recently I was working with one of my students who has a fairly good mastery of playing drumset beats with an 8th note ride or hi-hat pattern.  Looking for a creative way to use the basic drum beats found in books such as Rod Morgenstein's "The Drumset Musician" or Joel Rothman's "Basic Drumming" and wanting to introduce my student to more advanced cymbal patterns that use accents and syncopation, I developed the following worksheet to help us move in that direction.  

The worksheet consists of 4 cymbal ostinatos (A, B, C, D) that are intended to be played with the kick and snare drum rhythms on the lower half of the sheet (numbered 1 thru 12) for a total of 48 exercises.  There is additional space at the bottom of the page to write out the combinations (should you need to) or to write in your own combinations.  

Having mastered this page, it will be much easier to begin using these ostinatos with the kick and snare patterns found in many beginning and intermediate drumset books (like the ones I mentioned above).  Additionally, for more of a challenge, use the "melodies" found in the Chester books, or use a basic reading text for your kick drum patterns, adding your snare drum on beats 2 and 4, or on beat 3 for a half-time feel.

Click here for the Beginning Cymbal Ostinatos worksheet!

And as always, feel free to get in touch should you have any questions or need help!